Leonard Bernstein Harvard Lectures 1973

Clear pedagogy from a series of lectures Leonard Bernstein gave entitled 'The Unanswered Question'.

Part of Bernstein's duties after being made a visiting professor at Harvard in 1973, included delivering a series of lectures based on music and the external influences which progress music composition. Bernstein wanted to make difficult concepts more accessible whilst still retaining an intelligent level of discourse.

Lecture 5 'The Twentieth Century Crisis' deals with the atonal composition movement, this lecture provides a beginning platform to comprehend complex compositions of composers such as Stravinsky and Schoenberg, engaging us in the more intricate and demanding scores of the 20th Century.

Digram of the Kangaroo Pouch Tone-Tool  c1952 .(Percy Graiger Museum)

Percy Grainger time line

Interesting evolving timeline. Percy Grainger's innovative and turbulent life:


Courtesy of the Percy Grainger Museum:

Ken Russell at the BBC

A House in Bayswater 1960

Before the more famous and controversial composer documentaries that Russell made for Huw Wheldon's Monitor and Omnibus arts program (1962-1970) came this study of a Bayswater house's occupants. A gem of observational documentary filmmaking. Lilting period pronunciation of the narration fused with the black and white film shows London emerging from the post-war period.

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