The ultimate companion for all things avian, featuring expert tips on where to find British bird species and how to identify them. You will also find some fascinating avian folklore and favourite stories from the Springwatch series.

The book is arranged by the bird family, and it explains the reasons behind unusual collective nouns for birds. For instance, did you know that ravens are called “unkindness”? This may be because people believed that they kicked their young out of the nest to fend for themselves. Birdtopia also provides descriptions of bird calls, the reasons why birds create beautiful murmuration displays, and the top places to spot them.

Jack Baddams, a bird-loving researcher from Springwatch, wrote this amazing book, and it’s illustrated with line drawings.

The cover was designed using iPad Procreate and Photoshop and assembled in InDesign to meet the brief of creating a gift-quality cover. Shown are some of the earlier drafts and finally the chosen cover.