Jame O.Brien | Ebury Press | Book cover

Our economy has deteriorated, our freedoms are being curtailed, and social divisions are getting wider. Our politicians seem to prioritize their careers, while much of the media appears to be making matters worse. The country we live in today is almost unrecognizable from what it was ten years ago. But who is to blame for this situation? Who caused Britain’s downfall, and how did they achieve it? In his usual bold and insightful style, James O’Brien uncovers the shadowy network of influence that has created a broken Britain plagued by strikes, shortages, and scandals. He maps out the connections between the obscure think tanks and Downing Street, the journalists who have played a part in selling their agendas to the public, and the media bosses who have pushed their interests. Across ten chapters, each one focusing on a specific individual who has contributed to the downfall, James O’Brien exposes how a select few have conspired – often unintentionally,